Educational visits

At Tidemill we like to scaffold the children's learning with first hand experiences. As a result, we usually have at least 2 trips every term. You will receive notification of these trips 2 weeks in advance and will be asked to return a permission slip and make a contribution towards the cost of the trip. Without the consent form, children will not be able to attend.

Children MUST wear their uniform on school trips, as they do in school. This is an important safety measure ensuring that children are more easily and quickly identifiable as part of a Tidemill school group.

Detailed Risk Assessments are carried out for school trips. One aspect of this includes having appropriate adult:child ratios, therefore we are always looking for parents to come along and support classes on trips. Many of our regular volunteer parents have attended our 'Trip Fit' sessions to increase their awareness of how best to look out for the safety of children whilst on a class trip. Please let our Family Liaison Officer know if you are interested in joining a 'Trip Fit' workshop.

Short Local Trips

Additionally, the children are also taken out of school on short local trips to the library, nearby parks or to the market. Please ensure you have completed and returned the short-trip permission to the school office so your child can join in.

School Journey

Year 5 & Year 6

Both year 5 and year 6 classes go on school journey to places such as Devon or Sayer’s Croft.  As well as having fun, it is an important part of your child’s education as they will experience things that are not possible in an ordinary school day.  Activities include surfing, archery and rock climbing.  It is not all about sport though.  Children always come back having learnt a lot about working as a team and, if you’re lucky, about how to keep their rooms tidy!